Grimnir, Allfather, Woden/Wotan, Lord of the Aesir, Chief among the gods

Odin is perhaps the best known God of asatru (omitting marvel's Thor), and is known by many names: Allfather, Grimnir(hooded one), dorruđr(spear god), hanged one, the wanderer and countless others. Wednesday is derived from the saxon variant of Odin, Woden's day.

Odin is often depicted as a wise old man, one eyed and long of beard, wearing a long cloak and broad hat. With him often are two ravens huginn and munin (thought and memory) who bring him news from across midgard, and two wolves Geri and Freki (hunger and greed). Odin's spear, Gungnir, was fashioned by dwarves and is so well balanced it can strike any target, and never miss.

Odin and his brothers Villi and Ve are the creators of our world. They slew the giant Ymir and used his remains to construct midgard. From his blood, they made oceans. From his muscles, soil. From his hair, trees, grass, and all plant life. From his brains, they made clouds. Finally, from his skull the sky. Odin also lead the Gods in creation of mankind. He constructed the first pair, Ask and Embla from logs that washed ashore and endowed them with önd (breath/spirit), ođr (ecstasy/ inspiration), and là (vital processes), thus leading to all of us. From this comes his name All-father.

Odin is king and commander of the Gods, and when he is not wandering among us he rules from the hall of Valhalla in the realm of Asgard. To this hall he gains half of the honorable dead (those who die in battle), who are lead there by the Valkyries.

He is a God of wisdom, magic, and death. He will stop at nothing to gain knowledge. This is evidenced by him sacrificing an eye at Mimir's well for just one drink of the water thereof, which impart knowledge greater than we can imagine. Another, and probably the greatest, example of the lengths Odin will go to in order to achieve wisdom is that he hung himself from yggdrasil, impaled by his own spear, for nine days and nights in order to learn the runes we use today.

In summary, none of us would be here without the All-father, and I can't help but to think he must love watching us all strive to learn, and to live honorable lives. So the next time a Wednesday rolls around, think of Odin, and maybe give him a "thank you", or pour him out some of your mead or beer. He rewards those who seek wisdom, and gives us strength through adversity.


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