God of Thunder, Protector of Midgard

Thor is undoubtedly our most well known deity (thank you Marvel), but he isn't an alien, and his power doesn't only come from his hammer. Thor is the god of thunder, and is also associated with storms, oak trees, hallowing, and fertility. His equivalent in the saxon mythos is Donar. Thursday derives its name from Thor's day.

Thor is the son of Odin and Jord (earth) and is depicted as being red bearded. He wields the mighty hammer Mjolnir, crafted by dwarves, it's handle is short due to a mishap caused by Loki, naturally. This hammer is strong enough to level mountains, and when thrown, will never miss. He also wears his belt, megingjord, which doubles his already profound strength, and his gloves, jarngreiper, which are used to help him handle mjolnir.

Thor has two goats, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, which pull his chariot. When they are eaten, he uses his hammer to revive them. Thor once stayed at the home of a farmer and his family, and he shared his meal of goat with them, warning not to crack the bones. Loki, of course, instructs the farmers son, Thjalfi, to do just that. As punishment for doing so, Thjalfi is dragged along on an adventure that showcases thor' s tremendous strength and skill. On this adventure, Thor manages to lower the level of the ocean with one drink, survive a battle with old age, and flatten mountains.

Thor defends the walls of Asgard, and is seen as the protector of man. Again, to do this he uses his hammer. Once, a giant made off with mjolnir, and would not return it until Freya was his wife. Freya was not a fan of being a giants bride so Loki recommended Thor dress up as freya and attend the wedding in her place. Thor did, and Loki attended as his bridesmaid. Thor, disguised, as freya imoressed the giant Thrym with his ability to eat, drink, and be merry. Thrym fetched mjolnir and laid it across thors lap so their wedding could be hallowed, and Thor caught it up in his iron gloves and killed every Jotun in the room.

Many of us wear a mjolnir, and i feel mine gives me strength. Maybe not the physical might of Thor, but it bolsters the strength I already have within. If you wear one, hold it, and thank Thor for being the protector of man.


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